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What We Do — Long Term Disability Claims

What We Do — Long Term Disability Claims

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Help with Long Term Disability (LTD)

We help disabled persons secure their Long Term Disability insurance benefits. We prepare and file your internal appeal and maximize the chances that your LTD claim will be approved or reinstated. If necessary, we will file suit against the insurance company.

We only represent persons who, due to illness or injury, can no longer sustain full-time employment. We never work for insurance companies, and never will.

We are familiar with the methods disability insurance companies use to wrongfully deny or terminate legitimate Long Term Disability insurance claims, including:

• “Insufficient Medical Proof” (no matter how much you send them)
• Undue Reliance on a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
• Peer Review by their Physician (who has never seen you)
• Transitional Skills Analysis (listing jobs you can do, but don’t exist)
• Medical Review by an RN (who works for the insurance company)

Our Team is led by attorneys Erik Abell and Chris Evensen, who have helped numerous people secure their Long Term Disability insurance benefits. We will personally review your claim, prepare your appeal and, if necessary, file suit and represent you in Court. We litigate disability cases against every major disability insurer in the country and have extensive knowledge and experience in this area.

Erik Abell is readily available to discuss your situation and answer any questions you have. Call Toll Free at 1-(888) 978-4048/(502) 587-1983 for your free initial consultation.

What We Do Not Do:
Social Security Disability (SSD)
Government Funded Disability Plans
State Disability Plans / Retirement Systems
Military Retirement

How We Get Paid:
We usually handle Long Term Disability claims on a Contingency Fee basis, meaning that we charge a percentage of the amount recovered and that, if there is no recovery, you owe us nothing. If your internal appeal is successful, we charge a percentage of the back pay that is owed and nothing on your future monthly benefits. And we will advance any expenses.

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